Moving Tips.


Moving Tips:

  • Visit your movers’ office and warehouse.
  • Eat heartily before you move, why pay to pack and move a large inventory of canned food when it all can be replaced at your destination.
  • Clean out and organize your basement and garage. These areas can be very time consuming if they haven’t been prepared properly.
  • Unused items can be sold, donated, or thrown away prior to your move. This can reduce your moving cost significantly if you have accumulated a large amount.
  • Many customers under estimate the amount of time it takes to pack their belongings. If you decide to pack yourself, be realistic about how much time you have each day to devote to packing and get started well in advance of your moving day. Unfinished packing can add extra moving time to your bill.
  • Garbage bags are not suitable for packing; they tear easily and do not protect your goods.
  • Keep a list of the contents of each carton through a numbering system and a notebook. It will make it easier finding individual items.
  • Pack your cartons with the top upright.
  • If you are doing your own packing, cartons should not be overfilled. The tops should close flat and nothing should stick out of them because they are difficult to carry and stack. All cartons should be sealed with proper packing tape, top and bottom.
  • Cartons, when filled, should not weight more than 23 Kg or 50 lbs.
  • Do not use newspapers to pack items that cannot be easily cleaned. The ink can transfer from the paper to the items. We sell newsprint paper that is ink free.
  • Cartons should be cushioned with newsprint on the bottom, between layers, at the top and in all empty spaces.
  • Pack heavier items on the bottom layer of the carton and the lightest on top.
  • Fragile items should be packed separately and labelled. Do not mark every carton as fragile; some boxes must be on the bottom when loading the truck.
  • Do not mark the cartons with anything that will tell the value of the contents or make it unique from other cartons.
  • Label each carton on the top as to its general contents (books, dishes, lampshades, toys) and the room or area where it is going.
  • Pack all contents from drawers of dressers, nightstands, desks, wall units, entertainment units, coffee tables and end tables to prevent items from falling down the back and being lost.
  • Pack small loose items in a shoe box and then in a larger carton.
  • Large breakable items such as mirrors, marble table tops, glass shelving, chandeliers and works of art may require special packaging. Please contact Robson Cartage before moving day to arrange for protection of your special items.
  • Breakable lamps, lampshades, mirrors, pictures and other delicate items should be packed in cartons.
  • Certain items requiring servicemen, electricians or carpenters must be dealt with prior to moving day. It is recommended that you arrange to have large wall units or entertainment cabinets disassembled, un-install electrical components such as light fixtures that you are taking, disconnect gas appliances and drain washing machine.
  • We do not move freezers with food in them. Usually in taking a freezer out of the home it is necessary for the freezer to be tilted going up or down stairs and again up and down the ramp of the truck. If there is food in the freezer, there will very likely be damage to the liner.
  • Make sure your refrigerator and freezer are defrosted, clean and dry.
  • Place “Not to be Moved” tags on any items that are not to be moved. Show these to the movers.
  • Put hardware from beds etc in a “SET-UP” carton.
  • Clean cupboard, windows and floors in your new home ahead of time if it is empty.
  • Plan the placement of your furniture in your new home. Make a floor plan, tape signs on room doors so that the movers can place the furniture and cartons in the designated areas.
  • If you are moving to or from an apartment be sure to book your elevator. Pre-discuss time with mover.
  • Keys and prescription drugs are items that you should store in a safe place so you can take them with you.
  • Before the truck arrives, for your own peace of mind as well as their safety, we suggest that you arrange for someone to see that children and pets are kept out of the stream of traffic and away from the truck!
  • Make sure that all pathways, hallways and stairways are clear at both locations.
  • Check all cupboards, behind doors and all storage areas before to truck leaves. See that everything that is to go has been loaded onto the truck and that those items which were not to be moved are still on the premises.
  • Do a final tour with the driver to ensure everything is loaded.
  • Make sure that you are able to accept your goods when our movers arrive at the destination by ensuring that your new residence will be ready and someone remains on site to direct movers.

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