Tips For Getting Moving Company Quotes

Look out for businesses that are trying to make a quick buck during busy moving seasons. Many of these companies are not ethical, established businesses and appear to arise over night during busy months such as the beginning of school and end of school.

Avoid scams by following these tips for getting moving company quotes:

  • Always get your quote in writing. If a company will not email or print off a quote for you, they probably plan on adding more fees later
  • Ask about additional fees for extra time, and in what increments do they charge. Are you going to be charged for a full hour if the movers stay for an extra 10 minutes putting together a tricky piece of furniture?
  • Ask for a list of fees ahead of time, so you can avoid extra costs.
  • Only accept an on-site estimate! Very rarely can a moving company give an accurate estimate based on the number of rooms, or square footage of your home. Only by observing the amount of items, planning a route, and accounting for obstacles such as steep inclines, can moving companies estimate the time and number of movers it will take.
  • Look for the best value in your moving company quote not price.
  • Ensure the company is part of the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and check their rating, as well as a member of the Canadian Association of Movers

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