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Yard Sale Tips Robson Moving And Storage London Ontario

Everyone knows packing all your belongings up to move isn’t much fun. Likely when examining the items in your home you discovered a lot of items you probably didn’t know you even had! Now is the perfect time to get rid of all those unused items in your home before you pack them up and move them. Don’t pay us to pack all those unused items, get rid of them before you move, declutter your new home and reduce your moving costs at the same time! Who knows, you might just make enough money to pay your movers!

Check the local laws

Before you go through all the work to organize a yard sale make sure to do a quick search on the local laws regarding yard sales in case there are any permits you have to submit. We were unable to find any London bylaws on Garage & yard sales but a search of the London Council Policy manual specifies:

19(12) Garage Sales

That a policy be established whereby a garage sale may be conducted on premises located within a residential area on not more than two occasions during a one-year period and that the City Clerk be requested to insert an appropriate notice in “Living in the City” from time to time advising of this policy. ADOPTED SEPTEMBER 15, 1975[19(12)]

If you have any concerns about the legality of your yard sale contact the London municipality directly especially if you are placing signage around the neighbourhood.

Condo & Homeowner Association Rules

Before you upset all of your neighbours and break the rules, check with both the condo admin and homeowner association if you belong to one prior to plastering signs all over the place. Many groups have restrictions on where and what type of signs you can use. Avoid placing signs on telephone poles. Some municipalities have laws that specifically prohibit placing signs on hydro poles.

Advertise everywhere!

There are many free online places to advertise your yard sale. The London Free Press Classifieds, Kijiji London are just a couple of local places but many other websites allow you to advertise your yard sale for free. Place paper notices in local stores and malls that allow you to place adverts on their local bulletin board. Place legible signs with very clear directions around your neighbourhood the week prior to the sale. It’s amazing how many people try and fit too much information on a written sign or they are difficult to read. If your target audience are in cars, test your signs by driving by them and see if you can read them at a speed most will pass them at.  Be a good neighbour and be sure to go around and remove the signs when the sale is over.

Be prepared

Make sure you have everything in your yard sale ready to go the night before. Yes, I know your ads and signs all say 9AM. The early birds will likely show up much earlier than your advertised sale time. I once had someone knock on my door at 5:30AM and ask if they could view the items!


If you don’t want to be bothered pricing each individual item you can create price groups. Place all the items of a certain price together. All $1.00 items together, all $2.00 to $5.00 items together etc.

If you have the chance to participate in a community or street yard sale vs going it alone, do it. The volume of visitors tends to be significantly higher when participating in group yard sales.


Do not place your cash in a box unless you are 100% there will be someone available to watch it at ALL times. While some people are looking for just a great deal on an item, others may be there for more nefarious purposes. Always keep your cash on your person if you don’t use a cashbox. A fanny pack with multiple compartments works great. Typically having a few people you trust with cash on them is a better alternative to a cashbox. Keep a ledger of all the items you sold and how much.

Meet with everyone working the yard sale prior to opening and set haggle limits. Make it clear everyone must stay within those limits unless specifically agreed to. This prevents a bunch of people running back and forth to verify pricing.

Make sure everyone has a reasonable cash float prior to the yard sale.

Separate your items

This may sound a bit obvious but it is amazing to see how many people don’t organize their yard sale into item groups. Be especially careful not to place children’s toys and items next to breakable objects. Outdoor gardening and law care items equipment need to be separated and have someone handy to demonstrate those items.

Clearly label the items with prices. Do your research prior to the sale and know what your bottom dollar is on all of the items. People expect to buy yard sale items at pennies on the dollar so be prepared to justify your prices.


Place clothing away from household items in an area people can gather and display then so they are easily viewed. Make sure shoes are clearly labeled with the sizes.


Place furniture and larger items nearest to the road to reduce carry distance and entice drivers to stop and look. Have a furniture dolly close at hand in case large heavy items need to be moved.


If you intend to sell electronics or any powered items make sure they can be easily tested. No one is going to take a chance on buying something without testing it first.

Robson Moving & Storage is pleased to offer these handy tips for your next pre moving yard sale. We want all of our customers to have a pleasant move and reducing the amount of items we have to move for you definitely won’t increase the price! Moving into a new home knowing all the extra stuff you don’t need is gone will help you to start off on the right foot and make you feel a little more relaxed.

Remember, contact Robson Moving & Storage in London, Ontario for your next long distance or just across the city move!

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