On the Move July: Summer Storage and Long Term Storage On The Move

Storage London Ontario

Summer Storage London Ontario

Summer brings many things, and one of these things is an end to winter! The end of winter signals a ritual that many families take part in; Spring Cleaning! For our July On The Move article we’re going to give you some tips for storage in London, Ontario and how to keep your belongings looking (and smelling) fresh when you bring them out again in the fall. We’ll go through some tips for proper short term and long term storage in London, Ontario.

Electronics Storage:

The biggest threats to you electronics during the spring and summer will be rodents and humidity. We suggest keeping smaller electronics in a plastic or otherwise rodent-proof container. Make sure your container has a good seal to keep humidity out. It’s best to store electronics as far away from doors as possible, as this is where moisture can get in. If you can store your items in a facility with air conditioning, this is optimal. If you’re using your garage for short term storage, keep the doors shut as much as possible to keep humidity out, but still allow for ventilation to hinder mold growth. Use pallets or shelves to keep your containers off the floor. This will protect your items from condensation forming underneath containers and causing mold/mildew problems.Not planning to keep your electronics? Recycle them! List of Drop Off Locations

Clothing & Fabric:

First of all make sure all your clothes are cleaned and fully dried before storing. 1 damp article of clothing can lead to mildew and moths ruining any clothing surrounding it. Many moth deterrents are available such as moth balls. Make sure you place these in the highest part of your closet or storage space as the fumes filter downward. Garbage cans with locking lids make fantastic clothing storage containers! Try to find plastic containers like these to store clothes to keep moths and humidity out. If you’re storing purses, fill them with crumpled newspaper to keep them open.

Shoes and Boots:

When storing winter boots, it’s important that they are dry. If your boots have a removable liner, wash these before you store them. Follow the washing instructions on the liners as placing them in the dryer will probably shrink them. Clean the salt residue off your boots by dipping them in 1 cup water/1 tablespoon vinegar solution. This also works on leather and vinyl! For leather shoes, apply a cleaner or a light spray of furniture polish to protect them. Buff the shoes with a dry, clean cloth. Putting some salt in your shoes will help control moisture. Store shoes in a rodent-proof container, so they’re not used as nesting locations in the fall.

Furniture Storage:

Depending on the materials your furniture is covered with and made with, you will store it different. For student summer storage in London, Ontario you may not need to go to the extreme of having your furniture professionally cleaned before entering storage. We do recommend you clean leather furniture and ensure it’s dry before putting it in storage. Wood furniture polish can be used on wooden furniture. Do not store furniture directly on the ground if you can help it. Pallets will allow air flow underneath. A common mistake is to wrap furniture in plastic. This can peel any finish off and trap condensation. Use a sheet or cloth instead to protect your furniture.Robson Moving & Storage offers long term storage in London Ontario, office storage space, and warehouse storage. We offer reasonable rates, and have a climate controlled facility with fire and theft security systems. We will also recycle items that you don’t need anymore.

Clean up your space, get rid of the things you no longer need and keep those that you are saving safe!

Are you looking for a storage facility? Read our May On the Move article; Choosing the Right Storage Facility or contact us today for a free quote on storage in our warehouse.

By Kate Veinot

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