On The Move, February: Stay Safe While Moving

Moving Safety Tips

The potential for injury while moving is greater than one might think. Even if you hire professional movers in London, you could be at risk of pulled muscles, trips and falls, or at the very least a stressful day! This month in On The Move, we’ll be sharing some tips to make your move a little safer, whether or not you hire professional movers. Keep reading for some helpful tips!

  1. Use proper moving equipment. This includes a dolly, bungee cords, moving straps, and proper packing materials. A professional mover will have all this equipment with them when they arrive. A dolly and moving straps will protect your back by carrying some of the weight of heavy boxes and furniture. If you’re moving by yourself and you have moving help, get someone to help you stabilize and hold the items on the dolly. If you’re moving by yourself, use straps to secure belongings to the dolly.
  2. Hire a babysitter or send your kids to a family members for the day. This will keep your kids safe during this sometimes overwhelming time. To say it’s difficult to keep an eye on your kids while you’re moving would be an understatement. If you have older children, employ them to entertain younger children with a portable DVD player or colouring books to keep them safe. This can be one of the most important jobs your moving help can provide!
  3. Wear suitable moving clothing, including gloves. Protect your hands, and increase your grip on awkward shaped furniture and boxes with gloves. You also protect your hands from splinters, cuts, or even worse injuries. Glass can be very dangerous if it becomes broken while moving. Gloves will protect your hand from painful shards of glass if this occurs. Professional movers wear gloves, usually  special moving gloves made of leather or silicone coating.
  4. Proper lifting technique is something many people have heard, and read about. When you don’t use proper lifting technique moving heavy objects, you’ll probably feel it right away in your back. It’s important to lift with your knees, and keep your back straight while lifting. Using proper moving equipment can diminish the chances of moving injuries. Repetitive movements can also cause serious damage. Take frequent breaks to split up the moving day. Stretch before and after, and drink plenty of fluids. Touching your toes, and arm circles forewords and backwards to stretch your back muscles and arms may be helpful in reducing injuries.
  5. Hire professional furniture movers in London, Ontario. If you’re not an experienced mover, you could damage walls, hardware or the furniture itself while moving. Furniture movers in London Ontario also have the proper moving equipment to move bulky items.

For more general moving tips, see our Moving Tips page and Utility Checklist


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