November winter moving tips:

Winter Moving Tips

Winter is coming, whether you want to admit it or not! In Canada, we have to be prepared from late October to March for snow, blizzards, and cold, slippery conditions. Thinking of making a move for the new year? Winter can be a magical time to move into a new house, and decorate it for Christmas. If you’re not prepared, however, it can be expensive and overwhelming to move in London Ontario with the added element of snow.

Follow our tips below if you’re thinking of moving in London, Ontario during the winter months of the year. These tips will help you stay warm and safe!

  1. Ensure that your utilities are set up for a few days before your move. Check in with your real estate agent or property manager to ensure the lights and heat are working before you move in. Check the hot water too! You may want to take a hot bath after you’ve spent your day moving and unpacking.
  2. Shovel a path leading from the road to the house the night before, or the morning of the move if enough time permits and there is snow in the forecast. For additional safety, spread some salt to make pathways less slippery. If your property manager or real estate agent is meeting you there, ask them to put down some salt in the morning so any ice is melted when the movers in London Ontario get there. You should clear the pathways and lane way at your previous residence as well. This will make moving much less stressful and reduce the time you and the movers are out in the cold.
  3. Put down plastic or cardboard in entrances and high traffic areas. This will protect floors from muddy and wet winter boots, and also the salt they may drag in.
  4. Don’t pack the hot chocolate! Most movers and anyone helping you move appreciate a warm drink. If you keep coffee, tea, and hot chocolate supplies with you in your vehicle, you can keep everyone warm and hydrated.
  5. Plan your route with the moving company in London Ontario in advance! If your following the moving truck to the new residence, you can keep an eye on the weather for each other. If one happens to get stuck in snow or slush, you’ll have twice the amount of help. No one will be left waiting outside in the cold wondering when help will arrive. Ensure you have extra salt, sand, fluids filled, and chains in case you get stuck. A shovel and extra gas can is also a good idea.

We hope these tips will keep you safe when moving in London Ontario this winter! If you’re looking for movers this winter, contact  Robson Moving & Storage today.

By Kate Veinot

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