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Robson Moving And Storage wants your next move with us to be as successful as possible which is why we provide these handy guides and tips! Contact us for your next move in London, you’ll be glad you did!

Moving with your plants in Canada can be difficult depending on the length of the move and what season it is. With proper planning you can avoid losing all your precious plants that you spent so much time cultivating and caring for.

If you are planning on moving to the U.S. be sure to check the laws regarding transporting organic material and soil across the border. The U.S. has very stringent laws regarding the importation of plants. The same goes for importing plants into Canada.

U.S. Plant importation laws can be found HERE.

Canada Plant Importation laws can be found HERE.

Now that we have all the legalese out of the way let’s get that precious cargo moved!

Plan your move!

When moving your plants you need to know how long they are going to be in an enclosed space. If you are only moving a short distance you don’t need to worry too much about the health of your plants unless it is too hot or cold in the vehicle. Many moving companies will refuse to move perishable goods long distance so always check with your moving company prior to your move. Depending on the plant exposure to temperatures too hot or cold for even an hour may damage or kill your plant. Check with your local nursery or garden centre experts prior to the move.

Plants can get just as stressed as people or pets when moving. In order to minimize the stress on your plant you need to create an environment where it feels more at home.

If you can try and re-pot your plants into pots that are easier to handle than large ceramic or glass pots. Plastic containers or old margarine dishes work well for smaller plants. Do this a couple of weeks prior to the move so your plants have time to adjust.

Make sure you lightly stake any tall plants that might be prone to breakage during the move. Wrap them in plastic with plenty of breathing holes.

Place your plants in cardboard boxes lined with plastic prior to your move. Use newspaper or bubble wrap to secure the pot in place. Being in a dark box for extended periods of time without preparing them may cause damage. A couple of weeks before move them out of direct sunlight or shade them.

If you wrap your plant completely in plastic to protect from the cold or in sealed boxes, be sure to cut breathing holes in the plastic. Label your boxes FRAGILE PLANTS to be sure everyone will handle them with care.

In the winter cover your boxes with a tarp or blanket and try and keep them warm. If staying in a hotel or motel overnight bring your plants in the room with you during the cold temperatures.

When you arrive at your new home open the boxes or containers the plants are in but leave them in them for a few hours so they can adjust.

Water and feed your plants when you arrive.

If you replanted your plants prior to the move make sure to wait a week before planting them in their permanent home.

It is always nice to bring a familiar plant into your new home. With these handy tips hopefully, your plants will survive your next big move!

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