On The Move, December: Office Moving

Office Moving

Office Moving

Is your business thinking of moving in the new year? At Robson Moving & Storage, we’re experts in office moving in London,Ontario and the surrounding area. We’ve spoken to many offices who have moved for a variety of reasons; expanding client bases, proximity to employees and customers, and office disputes.

There are a number of things to consider before moving offices in London, Ontario, and some steps to make your move smoother if you do decide this is the appropriate action. If you’re thinking of relocating, here are some things to consider:

Customers: Your customers come first. How will relocating effect them?  Is there competitors in your area that will be closer to your most profitable customers? How loyal are your customers to staying with you? Can you afford to offer incentives  to your customers to stay with you when you move?

Marketing: Another thing to consider for a small and medium sized business is marketing materials. You must factor in the cost of reproducing your marketing materials with a new office address into your cost of relating. This can be a sizable investment for a small to medium sized business.

Parking:Does your new location have enough parking for employees and customers? This is often overlooked. If there’s not enough parking for both employees and customers, you may have to provide employees with parking passes a short distance away from the new office.  If there is a public transit route, you could also provide incentives for taking a bus, or train instead of driving and parking. Carpooling is also a great idea!

Convenience: Is the new office location conveniently placed for customers and employees? Employees will need somewhere to eat for lunch or stretch their legs on breaks. Is the office close to your bank, or will you have to go far out of your way to make deposits? Customers will also prefer if the office is located conveniently close to other areas they run errands.

Design: Office layout is more important than some employers understand. If you are a growing company, make sure there’s enough room to expand your office in the future. This may mean adding desks, renting a neighboring office space, or reducing shared areas. It’s also important to ensure there’s a kitchen area for your staff.

Once you decide when and where you are moving, you must inform your shareholders.  Here are some tips!

Receipt messages: Put a message on all customer receipts and invoices that you will be moving, including the new address and the official moving date.

Signage: If your business serves customers at your location, it may be worthwhile to rent a large stand up sign that indicates you are moving and the new address. This will help preserve customer relationships, as any issues can be addressed before you move. New potential customers may also see your business is moving somewhere more convenient for them!

Website and Email: If you have collected customer emails for newsletter or special coupon/promotional purposes, email your customers well in advance of the moving date. Remind customers and suppliers a month and a week in advance as well so they have time to change the address on any mail to be sent out that won’t arrive until after the move date. Your website and any internet listings should also reflect the address change.

Allow Employees to be part of the move: Employees will usually have an initial resistance to change, as is natural. By involving them in the moving process and office decisions, you reduce this resistance significantly. Get employees excited about the change! Plan a farewell party to the old office, and open the new office with a bit of a treat!

We hope you have a fantastic holiday and new year. Don’t hesitate to call Robson Moving & Storage to plan your office moving for the new year. We’ll do everything we can to accommodate your business.

By Kate Veinot

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