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Moving to a new home after a move can seem like a daunting task. The good news is you are on the home stretch! Just like you did when you packed up and moved your old move it is important to set  yourself with a checklist to help your move go smoother. Do not be afraid to ask your local moving companies for advice or a check list of things to do especially if this is your 1st time in a new home.

Change the locks:

The very first thing you should do when you move into your new home is to change the locks! You never know who may have keys to your new home so either do it yourself or have a locksmith do it for you but do them right away.

Clean your new home:

Before you unpack all of your belongings, now is the time to make sure your new house is spic and span! It seems rather obvious to clean before you move in but it is important to schedule some time to clean and stick to it. This is a very busy time in your life and cleaning may seem like something you can set aside. Not only will your home be in tip top shape after a thorough cleaning but it is a good way to get to know your new home. Now is the time to move those appliances out and clean behind them. If they came with the purchase chances are the previous owner didn’t move them out. Clean those carpets! Even if the owners cleaned the carpets chances are it was done in the most economical way possible. For your own piece of mind have them cleaned and stain guarded yourself. Don’t forget to clean your walls. Cleaning walls is one job that tends to get set aside.


Hopefully you have a large staging area that you can place most of the smaller boxes in and let your local moving companies handle the larger stuff. This way you can take your time and concentrate at one room at time. Ideally you used a checklist and know the contents of each box before you unpack them.

You should have at least a few boxes that contain essentials for a couple of nights in case you have to make do for a while until you get the rest of your things unpacked. Along with your cleaning supplies your essentials should be 1st on your list.

Unpack your kitchen next so you have dishes and appliances to cook on. Then move to the bedrooms and set up the beds and bedding. It will likely be a long tiring day so you don’t want to leave the beds until the last thing! On to the bathrooms next. Again try for now just to unpack the essentials, enough to get you through a couple of days. The rest can come later. Try whenever possible to setup the layout of the room before you unpack all of your belongings.

Whenever moving it is always important to use the very best qualified local moving companies you can. Robson Moving & Storage for over 34 years has been the choice for movers in the London area. Contact us next time you want piece of mind and we’ll do the rest!

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