On The Move, January: Long Distance Moving

Long Distance Moving

Long-Distance Moving

The new year has meant some big changes for many people. If long distance moving is one of those changes, you should be glad you checked out our January issue of On-the-Move! Whether you’re moving from London to Chatham, or Ottawa to London, Ontario, moving to a different city adds an extra element of excitement, along with more stress. If you haven’t moved a long distance before, you may feel like you’re leaving your entire life behind. But you’re not! By bringing your belongings with you, you’ll be able to feel a level of comfort and sense of “life as usual” in your new home.

If you’re moving for school, read on. If you’re moving for work, family, or other reasons you can scroll to the bottom of this issue for tips and useful information!

Long distance moving from London, or to London differs based on the scenario. If you’re moving from another city or province to go to one of our wonderful colleges or universities,  you probably do not need to move all your belongings at once. We’ve created a list of tips for students who are making a long-distance move to London, Ontario for school.

  • Book early! You may have to negotiate with your land lord to allow you to move your belongings in early as moving companies are very busy at the beginning of the school year and between semesters.
  • Find out when others in your building are moving in. You do not all want to be moving in the same day, unless you can schedule 3 hour blocks of time to help each-other unload.
  • Be prepared to pay upfront. Moving long distance usually requires payment up front, as there’s more fuel being used.
  • Get insurance on your belongings! Make sure the moving company has insurance, as well as your new home before you move in. Thieves target students during moving weeks, as high-value electronics may be left un-installed and easy to pick up quickly to re-sell.
  • Ask other students about the moving company before you hire them! Don’t go for the lowest price, as it may cost you more in replacing your goods if they are broken by an inexperienced mover who is not insured. Ask a student network about preferred movers.
  • Depending on your room size, residence, or shared accommodations, you may need to downsize your living inventory. If you do not have a storage space where you’re moving from, it may be worthwhile to rent a storage space in London, Ontario. This way if you need to access your belongings right away you can. Also, if you move to a bigger place, you do not need to pay to move your belongings across the province again.

Moving for work, family, or any other reason that requires you to travel a long distance is stressful. You will most likely need to minimize the contents of your home. A great way to do this is to have a garage sale, and keep the money to buy new necessities when you move into your new house! Make a list of what you have, that you don’t need to move, and what you’ll need at the new house. It’s important to start this process 3-4 months in advance, as higher prices items may take a long time to sell. Think about how your new home is set up, and if your current furniture is a good fit. Some great sites to sell furniture on are Kijiji, and local newspaper classifieds.

Sit down with your family and make a list of what you’ll need when you move in to your new home, and the approximate costs for these items. This should be fun, and lighten the mood. Once you come up with a total amount, make a list of items you can sell and look up some approximate amounts you should be able to sell them for. Where do you look? It makes sense to look where you’re going to be selling them. Take a look through the newspaper classifieds to see if you can find similar items, or look online at classifieds websites.

Set up a room with all the items you’re going to be selling, so buyers can see them all at once. They may be interested in items they weren’t aware you were selling! This should be fun and exciting, and lighten the mood.

I hope this helps with your long distance move in London, Ontario.

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By Kate Veinot

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