Franchise VS Independent Moving Company London Ontario

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Franchise VS Independent Moving Company London Ontario

Robson Moving and Storage has been moving families in London, Ontario area since 1979. During this time we have seen a number of franchise company systems enter the marketplace. Some remain while others have quietly disappeared. The franchise moving companies usually have slick advertising campaigns and deep pockets that allow them to blanket an area with their branding but its service that really counts.

We are local: From Beginning to End

At Robson Moving and Storage we believe in a different kind of branding. Providing the best possible service and direct contact with our customers. With a franchise system the person you talk to on the phone may not even live in your city. We know London, we know the roads and what trucks we need to use on what streets. We live here. When you call Robson Moving and Storage the owner, Tom Robson is just a few steps away. It’s his family name on the side of the truck, and that matters.

Franchise moving companies may tell you they are local but the simple fact is they report to a corporate office. It’s the corporate office that usually dictates the how and what of the local owner. A significant portion of the franchisees revenue goes directly to the corporate office. At Robson Moving and Storage we use our revenue where it’s needed most. To ensure our companies vehicles are always maintained properly and our staff is proud to work with us.

Real Experience Since 1979

We have seen it all when it comes to moving in London, Ontario. The good and the bad. The emergency moves and the planned out moves. We KNOW moving, it’s what we do, and have always done. Franchise moving companies like to tell you they’ve been in business for X number of years. The corporate company probably has. But it’s likely the franchise owner hasn’t.

This is Not an Investment

We move people all day, every day. This is not an investment, which we can sit back and let someone manage it. We don’t want to. For us providing the best possible service to our clients is what we invest in. That’s an investment that pays real dividends.

How to Tell the Good From The Bad

Research your London Moving company thoroughly – use Google, search for “Company X Complaints” or “Company Y Scams”. If there are any complaints this usually paints a pretty quick picture. Remember to look at the overall picture; 1 single bad review doesn’t necessarily mean the company is bad.

Ask Them How Long In Business  –  Ask the potential moving company in London, Ontario how long that location has been in business or how long the owner has operated the company.

Check The BBB – The old standby but it can give you a pretty good idea about the company. Check out our BBB Rating, it’s A+.

Go With Your Gut – If you are unsure in the least little bit that a moving company may not be right for you, just move on. Trusting a moving company with your entire household is a daunting, scary prospect. Make sure you feel good about the company and their abilities before you sign.

Ask, Franchise or Not – When in doubt just ask them if they are a franchise or not. If they are, ask the right questions. How Long? How Much? How Soon? Insurance?

Hiring a moving company in London, Ontario can be a scary prospect if you aren’t prepared. Sometimes hiring a franchise can come with surprises. Make sure you know the whole story before you trust your family’s valuables to a moving company in London, Ontario. Give Robson Moving & Storage a call or Contact Us for a free quote and find out why most our customers are repeat clients or referrals. You’ll be glad you did.

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