On the Move May: Choosing the Right Storage Facility

choosing the right storage facility london ontario

Finding a London, ON moving company is important, but finding a storage facility in London, ON can be equally as important a decision. Sometimes the space you’re moving into does not match the space you left from. Whether it’s your extra office equipment, valuable memorabilia, or even belongings of a loved one that are not moving with you, you’re placing your trust into a storage facility to protect your items until you are able to return for them. There are a few different things you should be aware of, and compare, when looking for a storage facility or warehouse in London, ON.

Below are a few different aspects to compare to find the storage facility in London, Ontario that suits your needs:


One of the first questions we are asked during our experience is about security measures in place at our storage facility in London, Ontario. It is important that the facility you’re looking into is not a hot spot for break ins. One strategy used to deter thefts is to have everything packed in similar cartons. This way it would be impossible to tell which cartons hold high value items. Breaking into a carton can sometimes also be more difficult than cutting a bolt off a locker.  Look for an alarm system and cameras in place when you’re researching a storage facility in London, Ontario, and if you don’t see one than ask how they keep the facility secure. If you are not visiting the facility, ask what security system the facility uses.

The storage facility should be prepared for the worst case scenario, in which case they should have insurance available to cover the costs of any damaged or missing items in the case of a break in.

Fire security is also of great importance. A storage facility should have sprinklers and a fire alarm system that notifies the proper authorities in case of a fire. Again, to prepare for the worst case scenario, insurance needs to be available.

Climate Control:

Moisture and even extreme dryness can damage your belongings. It’s more important than having a roof and 4 walls on the facility. To properly store items a facility needs to be climate controlled to stay at the same temperature range year round, regardless of the weather. That means having proper air conditioning, fans, and heat in the winter.

Humidity is also an issue. Having proper ventilation and a dehumidifying system will keep belongings dry and in their original condition. Storing items off the floor helps to avoid moisture build up on the bottom of your packing crate as well.


What happens when you need something out of the storage facility? If you think you’ll require 24/7 hour access, self storage may be more appropriate for you. If you’re looking for long-term storage then the facility will probably be more secure, but you’ll have to make an appointment to retrieve any belongings. The advantage of having your belongings stored at a storage facility that also runs a moving company in London, Ontario is that they will be able to deliver your belongings to you when you’re ready. They may also make runs to other cities, and will be able to have your crate delivered for less cost than shipping through commercial freight.


For long term storage, packaging materials are very important. It’s best to leave the packing to the experts, as they’ll be able to fit everything efficiently into a crate and surround them in the proper protecting materials.

Our goal at Robson Moving & Storage is for you to feel at ease leaving your belongings with us, and to make your experience stress free. Contact us for a free estimate.

By Kate Veinot

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