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Moving is stressful enough as it is with the dozens of items on your checklist you need to get done; mail forwarding, packing, uprooting your family and pets, costs associated with the move and so much more. It’s important to take a deep breath and relax as much as possible during this time. Make sure you choose the best moving company in London Ontario and let us remove some of your stress. Even if you decide not to use Robson Moving Storage here are some great tips to help you get through these trying times.

Organize and plan:

Like any difficult task, making a plan and setting a realistic schedule is incredibly important to getting through it all. Write your plan down, make a check list and stick to it. It is often better to spend a couple of days adding things to your checklist before you finalize it so do take your time. A complete checklist will save you heaps of stress in the coming days. Do not be afraid to delegate some of your responsibilities; it is important for the entire family to feel involved during this time of transition. Get your children involved as much as possible and try to enjoy it. Create simple games out of packing with the younger children and remember you are not the only one who may be feeling stressed during this time.

Time management:

Do not try and accomplish too much at any one time. Give yourself enough breaks between tasks for time to clear your head before moving on to the next one. If you find one task is taking too much time it is better to move on to the next one and return to it. By taking too much time with one task you run the risk of pushing the entire schedule back which increases the stress level a lot. It’s easier to deal with one late task than 10.

Choose the right moving company:

Choosing the right company is incredibly important; do your research, read the online reviews and take time to meet with the company prior to your move. Knowing your household is safe, secure, will arrive on time and in one piece should be first and foremost. Do not leave any questions unanswered and listen to your gut instinct. Fretting about your choice while your household items are in transit is not the time. The Office of Consumer Affairs has a great article with lots of information to help you choose the right mover wisely: Click here. Need some great tips on packing right to avoid damaged family heirlooms? Read this article and pack the right way the first time.

Plan ahead and make sure you have lots of packing materials on hand. We always have plenty of packing boxes London Ontarioso contact us for any of your moving needs. At Robson Moving and Storage your peace of mind is first and foremost in everything we do.

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